Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs

Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs
  1. LG EG9600

The LG EG9600 is definitely an expensive television—in fact, it is one of the most expensive TVs of its kind on the market. With a 55 inch display, this LG boasts true 4K Ultra HD and Curved Smart OLED technology in the 2015 model. This curve is actually quite attractive and makes for excellent cinematic viewing.

The use of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) uses organic semiconductors to create light. They are thinner and offer a more efficient display than regular LEDs and offer colors and resolution. Since it uses OLED, the entire model is thinner, because it does not require a backlight at all—this makes the blacks deep and the TV thin. This model is 3D compatible as well, which takes the OLED Curved 4K viewing to another level.

The only real competitor to this LG is the Samsung JS9500 SUHD TV, which also features the same deep curved design, true 4K resolution, and incredible color. However, there is a difference in panel technology. The Samsung uses Nano-crystal technology and Mult-Zone Full Array Backlighting. The LG did not need any backlighting due to it using OLED, which is thinner and organic. Otherwise, they come with similar Smart TV applications and features and are excellent cinematic televisions.

There is the difference in price, however—the Samsung model of the JS9500 costs $4,000 retail, which is nearly even to the LG’s advertised $3,989. However, upon some searching, the LG model is going for up to $5000 online, which makes it difficult to find it at a discounted rate.

  1. LG 70UF7700—70” LED Smart TV—4K Ultra HD

The LG 70UF7700 70” LED Smart TV is a behemoth Ultra High Definition Smart TV that you have to see to believe. With a true 4K, 3840 x 2160 native resolution (four times the full resolution as HD), you receive the best and most vibrant pictures on this display. From action movies, to regular television, this 70” by LG has a spectacular display is Energy Star qualified and has superior picture quality.

This LG also contains Smart TV abilities such as streaming videos and television shows via apps such as Netflix or Hulu, and it also has easy to use social media and music apps that use the Wi-Fi to entertain you in flash.

Equipped with more than enough HDMI ports and USB ports, this Smart TV is easily compatible with media devices. At a price of $2,199, it is more expensive than some other 70” 4K Smart TVs, but for the quality and the reliability of LG, it is deserving of being on the list of the best 70” 4K displays available.


  1. LG 55UF6800—55” LED Smart TV—4K UHD TV

The LG 55UF6800 is an absolutely incredible 4K UHD that customers adore and cannot get enough of. The 55” model delivers a true native 4K resolution for eye-popping detail and clarity, as well as fast sequences in film and motion in sports.

The LED display offers the viewer deep blacks and rich colors that are more akin to plasma televisions—this makes this a unique 4K display that truly offers breathtaking UHD images, including during upscaling.

It also features Smart TV functions such as quick app downloads, menu navigation, easy streaming of movies or TV shows, and other wireless features due to the built-in Wi-Fi. You can stream movies, videos, music and more using the webOS 2.0 offered by LG, and you can even use the Web Browser to surf the internet! For social media, you can download Facebook, Twitter, and other apps quickly and update your status on the big screen.

With the TruMotion 120 technology, the refresh rate offers a minimal motion blur that makes fast-moving films, video games, and watching sports enjoyable and engaging. The 3 HDMI inputs allow for an excellent home theater connection and a USB input is great for connecting a digital camera to see your photos.

This LG model has excellent ratings from customers and tech magazines alike, and it rounds of this top 3 best LG 4K TVs in the best way possible.

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Eight Creative Ideas to Use Wine Corks

Eight Creative Ideas to Use Wine Corks

Wine corks can be extremely useful material when you planning to make something creative on your own, and an occasional bottle of wine with friends and family can become a source of inspiration for something completely different. Why throw away the old corks when you can make an extremely attractive and unique creations. You’re missing the idea of such a thing? Then you’ll be delighted with our next story.

  1. Make beautiful wall art. For this project you will need large amount of corks, but the final result will be stunning. From them you can make different shapes and sizes stick them with glue and hang them on the wall. For example: they can be in shape of heart, some animal or anything you imagine.
  2. Handle for the knife. You can use wine corks for a handles, if you lost yours or if it just fell away, you can have interesting and fun handle that will be unique and always noticed.
  3. Make a vase from it. We all know how vase for the flowers look like, so why not replace regular vase with cork one. Just line up the corks in vase shape and stick them with glue. It won’t hold the water, but it will be an unusual temporary solution to hold your flowers.
  4. You can make a coaster from it. Again glue comes as a handy solution, line up corks in square shape, connect them with glue and let them dry well. The next step is to cut them in circular shape and you will get beautiful coasters for your home. You can make them in all sizes you like.

  5. Redecorate your table with it. If you have a new table in a living room, and you think it’s to plain for your taste, you can arrange it with wine corks. Take of the front surface of the table and divide it with bulkheads it into a several small part, fill in the gaps with wine corks and glue. Put the surface back on the table, you will get stunning new table that can be accommodated in any part of your home.
  6. You can make magnets for your fridge. Divide wine cork in half, on bottom side glue magnet and let it dry. You can use this magnet to hand pictures and notes on the fridge or even your weakly schedule, it is a fun way to express your creativity and you won’t need lot of time.
  7. Or you can make pendant for your chain. Today on the market you can find beautifully designed wine corks, why not to use them a pendant. To look more attractive, you can coat both side of the cork with some metal in the color you prefer on one side put a hook for your chain and you will get a spectacular pendant.
  8. Cushion for needles made from corks is a perfect solution for you if you have tendency to lose them frequently. Just stuck them in cork and they will always be visible.

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